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When the firm IAMI was found in 2010, our motto was and remains to this day, to balance the creative process with the state of the art technology “Performance Assured”. We can say this with confidence because we have carefully-crafted proven operating principles that have successfully executed over hundreds of projects in the nation.

Our in-depth knowledge of the construction market throughout the India, backed by highly respected economists and state of the art technology, puts market insights, strategic analysis and accurate forecasting at your fingertips and it becomes game changing, unlocking otherwise unseen potential for your business.


The conversion of an architectural draft into real construction induces an extensive network of projects, requirements, workflows and structures, distributed among many men and companies. Efficient and clear communications as well as close co-operation between all participants are crucial steps on the way to a successful accomplishment of such a complex process.

As a leading supplier of customized system solutions for curtain walls, Aluminum windows and doors, Canopy, ACP Cladding and HPL Cladding,  we consider it our task to blend into an integral approach the various expectations: those of the architect of maximum freedom in design.

In the end all of us seek the same objective: To assure a successful accomplishment of the project as an ensemble of specialists in a trustful co-operation.